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WSSA: Eden County

Welcome to the world of Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS), the fastest growing shooting sport in the world.  Founded in the early 80s by a group of competitive shooters in California who were tired of the same old “walk’n – run’n – shoot” type of competition and thought it might be fun to use the guns of the Old West cowboys (and cowgals).  

CAS is a competitive shooting sport designed to be enjoyed by the whole family.  Women and children are especially welcome.

Come join us for some fun and try shooting real cowboy guns.  Cowboys are always willing to share their guns and experience, so you don’t need your own firearms to try it out.

Shoots are held on the mornings of the 3rd Saturday of the month.

For more info visit: our facebook page or or contact Kevin 082 877 0792 & Garth 083 677 5066.



South African Defensive Pistol Association is a relatively new shooting sport in South Africa and functions under the auspices of IDPA. The sport started within South Africa in May 2001 and has grown to over 1000 shooters in 26  active clubs shooting over 300 matches a year.

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South African Hunters & Game Conservation Association is a professional association for those that are dedicated not only to hunting but the ethics of hunting, and keeping your skill level up by attending the shoots with your fellow dedicated shooters.

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The National Hunting & Shooting Association (NHSA) is focused on assisting the busy but enthusiastic hunter and/or sport shooter who cannot always participate in the usual structured activities presented by other  associations in South Africa. Members participate in NHSA related activities as their time allows them, and where it is easiest for them to partake in said activities.

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