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The Eden County Shootout

Jack Anvil stared at the group in front of him. Yes, that middle one would be hard to take down but his revolvers, rifle and shotgun were within easy reach and he knew that they were loaded and ready. The sun was hot on his back, but the slight breeze was cool. He wished his buddy, Mr Nobody, was there to back him up but at least his wife, Lady Derringer, is watching his back. “Ready, Standby, BEEP!!” He leapt into action, rifle first, then revolvers, followed by four blasts from the shotgun, the plates dancing and tumbling as the […]

Club Membership Renewals

Good day members, Thank you for your valued support over the last year. Our new facility still needs some work but we are getting there slowly but surely. Again it will be something to be proud of. We could not have done it without your continuous support. It is now membership renewal time for 2019. Avoid paying extra fees and renew your membership before 01 December 2018. We hope to see you all on the range in 2019. Best regards. The On Target Team On Target Shooting Range & Firearms Training Academy. R102 Airport Road, George GPS (33’59’19.5″S 22’24’59.9E) Dawie […]


NEW SHOOTING RANGE Please note that we are now in the final stage of moving over to our new range. This however would not be without some challenges. I believe that each and every member will understand this. Due to some things that is beyond our control the move will not go as planned. We will open the new site on the 2nd of June 2018 if you want to pop in and have a look. There is still work that needs to be done within the next 2 weeks before we can arrange a proper open day. I thus […]