Fun Shoots

Fun Shoot Flyer

Are you are interested in a fun shooting experience?
Our staff are qualified and there to assist you in having a safe yet fun time while shooting various firearms.
We are registered and accredited.

We will start off with a safety brief before setting up the courses of fire with targets (cardboard, steel plates, balloons, clays or gongs).

You will then be introduced to the firearms and shoot 1 or 2 rounds just to get used to the recoil, feel and sound.

This also allows us to assess the general level of experience. Then you will be able to shoot some groups, before moving to different shooting positions, stances and targets.

We end off with a shoot against time to make it a little more challenging.


Firearm Rental

Prices are per person shooting and include: Range Officer, Range Fee, Personal Protective Equipment, Firearms Rental & Targets. (Ammunition not included.)

Solo Shooting Experience Firearm Rentals:

  • .22 Pistol: R570
  • 9mmP Pistol: R570
  • .223 AK Type 84: R600
  • 12G Pump-action Shotgun: R600

2 or More People Shooting:

  • .22 Pistol: R370
  • 9mmP Pistol: R370
  • .223 AK Type 84: R400
  • 12G Pump-action Shotgun: R400

Ammunition Bundles

Cartridges are sold in bundles of 10. No ammunition may be removed from the range premises.

  • 10 × .22cal: R30
  • 10 × 9mmP: R70
  • 10 × .223: R100
  • 10 × 12G: R70

How To Book Your Fun Shoot

  • Choose from the list of firearms and ammunition bundles above.
  • Call, WhatsApp or Email us with your choice and preferred date (Mon – Fri).
  • You will be sent an invoice for the full amount to be paid.
  • Pay via EFT or ATM deposit and send us your proof of payment.
  • Receive your booking confirmation.

Terms & Conditions

  • A minimum of 2 people is recommended for a booking.
  • Bookings must be a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
  • Firearm rentals may not be shared or split.
  • Ammunition bundles are for fun shoot use only and may not be removed from the range. Any ammunition purchased but not used will be refunded.
  • Once booked any cancellation, except for valid medical reasons, will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the invoiced amount. If postponed due to inclement weather, we will re-book on a mutually agreeable date at no additional cost.
  • Upon paying you accept these terms and cancellation fee policy.
  • Gift vouchers are available to purchase on request.