On Target is an accredited and approved Firearms Training Academy and Shooting Range situated in George, Western Cape. It is conveniently located along the R102 (Airport Road) approximately 4km away from the George Airport. It boasts a 100m sight in range, 300m rifle range, 7 pistol/shotgun/carbine bays as well as a standards range. A tactical training range or "Tac House" will soon be added to cater for more advanced shooters and security related training.

On Target hosts and accommodates club shoots and competitions for dedicated and affiliated sport-shooters and hunters, as well as many security related companies and law enforcement authorities.

Maintaining a high standard, and consistently improving its facilities through growth, is very important to the management as well as offering quality training through On Target Firearms Training Academy. The academy offers prescribed training for Competency and Licensing with unit standards that align with international training standards as set out by the Professional Firearms Training Council (PFTC), the governing authority in South Africa. Its registered and accredited staff uphold the core values of Ethics, Quality and Pride.

Please feel free to contact us for any queries related to any shooting or training disciplines and we will gladly assist you.